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Confidential Personal Information. “Confidential Personal Information” (or “Information”) means any information that Qualdoc may, directly or indirectly, disclose to Customer that relates to an individual and that is not available to the public. This includes, but is not limited to, credit history; income; financial benefits; application, policy or claim information; health information; medical records; lists of individuals derived from nonpublic personally identifiable information; and the identification of an individual as a customer. Only those employees of Customer who need to know Confidential Personal Information to perform their duties in furtherance of this Agreement shall be given access to the Information. Customer shall maintain the security and the confidentiality of Confidential Personal Information and shall use it only for the purposes for which we have disclosed it to you under this Agreement. You shall not disclose said Information to any other person except to your agents and other persons who require such Information to further the objectives of this Agreement and who agree in writing to maintain its security and confidentiality. If any applicable state or federal law or regulation, now or hereafter in effect, imposes a higher standard of confidentiality with respect to such Confidential Personal Information, such standard shall prevail over the provisions of this Agreement.

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